uniVerse (single)

by Mikey Boohyah

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released May 25, 2015

Written, performed, edited, recorded and mastered by Mikey Boohyah at Natural Habitat Recordings in Atascadero, CA.



all rights reserved


Natural Habitat Recordings California

Natural Habitat Recordings is an independent production company providing hip-hop and DJ mixtapes.

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Track Name: uniVerse (single)
If you had a second chance at your life... Would you do it?
Would you make a promise to yourself and stay true to it?

Would you rewrite your history and make a better you?
Or would you go down the same road you always do?

If you woulda asked me when i was younger, i woulda told ya,
I think that everything happens for a reason, but now I'm older.

And after one too many ups and downs on this rollercoaster,
I found out that you eat what they give you and not what you order.

Open wide... When i die, I'll see you on the other side,
Whatever it may be, I hope it's something better than this life.

There's no way of telling what'll happen when we go,
But there's a grip of people in this world that'll tell you that they know.

They're probably all wrong... Gotta keep goin strong,
Cuz if I only get one life, it's not gonna be goin long.

There's so many different possibilities for the afterlife,
Why sacrifice your life as a king to become a pawn?

I don't have the answers, I'm as flawed as any,
Tryin to keep my head above the water, mabye make a penny.

Make it thru this life alive and change a couple while I'm in it,
But if life's a game, I'm afraid I'm too behind to win it.

I've been sittin on the sidelines, workin on my shine.
Knowing when i rhyme, its hot... 10 outta 9 times.

That ain't all that's on my mind, I'm thinking bout the universe,
Separate we are broken, but together we can do some work.